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Bea Szeifert
Curriculum Vitae



Current position: assistant research fellow


Title of the master thesis:

Forensically and phylogenetically informative SNPs in the mitochondrial genome of the dogs

Work experiences:


  • XXXIII. National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations, Biology Section, II. division genetics: special award

    Research interest:

    • 2017- Mitochondrial genome variability in archaic and recent populations
    • 2015-2017: Investigation of SNPs in the dog mitochondrial DNA that have forensic and pylogenetic relevance


    Szeifert B, Csákyová V, Stégmár B, Gerber D, Egyed B, Botalov SG, Goldina RD, Danich AV, Türk A, Mende BG, Szécsényi-Nagy A. Maternal genetic composition of early medieval (6th-10th centuries AD) populations lived in the Cis- and Trans-Ural and Volga-Kama Regions. ARHEOLOGIJA EVRAZIJSKIH STEPEJ IV ME®DUNARODNYJ MAD'JARSKIJ SIMPOZIUM N°6 2018; UDK 902/904, 202-221.

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